Saturday, February 16, 2008

February Frugal $400

I think I'm going to send a personal thank you card to Kroger's manager. I've found the Manager's special marked down prices in my town's Kroger to be an awesome way to cut down on our grocery bill.

Needing to purchase some staples for the remainder of the month I decided to drop by this afternoon and found everything I needed and then some. My favorite of these being Pamper's which I was able to get for $3.00 because they were 1/2 off and I had a coupon!

I spent a total of $36.60 and saved just over $60. To stay on budget I have $68.34 left for the last week of February. Time to buckle down and get it done.

2 pounds of pork chops (Manager's special $5.00)
6 pounds of chicken breast ($1.67/lb)
Jumbo pampers ($3.00)
3 loaves organic bread ($.99 each)
4 dozen organic eggs ($1.25 each)
4 packages of English muffins ($3.00 on sale w/ coupon)
2 liter of diet soda (free with coupon)
3 Huggies travel wipes ($.99 each)
5 gallons of milk ($.99 each)

Still on the menu for this month:

Taco soup
Azuki bean tacos
Quiche/blueberry muffins/hashbrowns
Lentil Sausage Soup/ bread
Homemade pizza
Turkey pot pie and biscuits
turkey tetrazinni/ broccoli
chili/ corn bread
baked potato bar/ dinner salad
Italian chicken and rice/brocolli
Egg rolls and stir fry veggies

This frugal thing is getting easier and I'm beginning to realize all the more how blessed we truly are. I was reading over at Cindy's today about compassion international and how $34 a month can change a family's life. Could it be that God is allowing us to save all this money a month in order to pass it on? We're praying about it.


Saralyn said...

Waiting for the bean taco recipe on your other blog! ;~)

amydaffodil said...

That is wonderful!! I normally do not shop at Krogers a lot, but only when they have a really good sale combined with a coupon I may already have.
I need to go to my Kroger today to get a few items. I will have to keep my eyes peeled!
God sure provides in mysterious ways!
God Bless,

single mom to 6 children!

soccermom said...

Compassion will change your forever! I have loved reading all the blogs this week!
Thank you so much for your tips on being frugal! You are really helping me manage our money better, so we can get out of debt faster! :-)

Catherine said...

Wow! I think I should have the manager of my Kroger call the manager of your Kroger! Organic eggs for $1.25!!!!

I'm glad you're posting on this topic, it's very instructive.

mindi said...

Wow, and more wow. That is just amazing. I'm shopping more carefully, but I can't manage what you do.
Perhaps tomrrow we will find some good deals . . .

mom24 said...

You sure motivate me to keep trying! I am really having trouble keeping costs down with our new allergen-free diet. But the more I get used to it and used to the recipes I'm using, I know I can gradually become more frugal! Always harder for me when with the kids though - do you take all of yours with you? How often so you get groceries?

Sniz said...

how did you get milk for 99 cents? That is so wonderful, Monica. I want to hang out more so you can rub off on me. I fear I am a horrible money manager compared to you. You are truly a wife worth more than rubies.

Monica said...

Andrea- I usually do one big Aldi's trip every two weeks with all the kids. Fun.
But then when I come home from work once a week I run into Kroger to see what's on special and then go to CVS for my bargain shopping. These trips don't take long if I don't have all my friends with me:)

Sniz- Girl, you should head over the Kroger in Avon. They had tons of milk (skim) marked down to $.99. I think that it has to be sold by Monday. We go through enough milk that I don't have to worry about it going bad. But I'd freeze it for later if I though I couldn't use it in time. I don't know what it is about that Kroger, but they've always got something good going on there.

SarahR said...

You know I'm frugal, but we needed milk today and it wasn't on sale anywhere so I picked up skim at SuperTarget for $3.00!! I have been craving and drinking so much milk this pregnancy it's crazy. I'll have to stop by that Kroger after church today.
I'll freeze the extra.

shay said...

Awesome! I love how you see your savings as a way to give. You inspire me!

I also can't believe you can get organic eggs for $1.25!!!

Sarah said...

Man, I need a Kroger. The cheapest milk in these parts is $3.69 and I have never seen orgain eggs for less than $2.69 a dozen. You rock!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

The deal on the milk ROCKS! Man, I need a Krogers!

Anonymous said...

This is very impressive! I am so proud of you!
The Bargain Shopper Lady