Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking

I have the albums, the paper, the pens, the stickers, the embellishments, the memories to fill an endless amount of scrapbooks. What I do not have at this moment is the energy, free time or space to even begin such a project. Someday I will. But for now I don't.

However, thanks to my husband and his computer savvy we have been having great success digitally sharing and arranging our pictures with Shutterfly Studio. Here you can watch an instruction video and download their free software to begin creating a digital collage or scrapbook. There is even an option to get your collection bound into a book. You are under no obligation to purchase. You can send it along to whomever you like. Just download your pictures from your camera, choose from a plethora of layouts, drag and arrange to your heart's content.

No more getting out all the supplies, rushing through a project before the kid's wake up, loosing the scissors, misspelling someone's name in permanent ink or having to pick up little shreds of paper. Now that's working for me!!

Be sure to stop by Rocks in My Dryer for more ideas!!


Sarah said...

Oooh, great idea! I will have to check that out. My poor third child doesn't have a baby book yet!

I also won an HP Photobook, and it comes with the book and everything.

Southern Belle said...

WOWZA! I am excited! Thanks for the info! Is it easy to use? What do you do about printing? Did you know that has printing 12x12 sheets for .99? Thanks a lot!
Southern Belle

Dawn said...

I'm addicted to digital scrapbooking. Thanks for sharing the link, because I haven't tried this website yet.

You might also like It's the same idea. I used this site to create scrapbook pages, then I used the pages to create a calendar for the grandparents at Snapfish.

Thanks for sharing!

Phyllis Sommer said...

i (heart) shutterfly - i love their photobooks but i'll have to check out the studio too!

Southern Belle said...

Shutterfly's books are expensive. Can you print from Shutterfly to other places?

Your opinion is welcomed!

Southern Belle

Monica said...

I don't know if you can print them other places. I'll ask and let you know.

You're right the price is a bit high. But considering that you are paying for photo developing, the album, and not having to purchase scrapbook supplies it's really not that bad. One idea might be to ask for a Shutterfly gift card for Mother's Day for example, to kind of help out the price a little or look around for a coupon.

We have not ordered a book before but would like to at some point. I've seen them before and they are high quality.

Sniz said...

Do you print these out? I love to scrapbook and do it frequently as a stress-reliever, but have looked into digital. I don't have a picture software. I tried it one time, and couldn't do anything, but it is so fascinating to me. I have tons of scrapping stuff and would use all of it first, but someday think I'd like to try this.

Kara said...

I'd been wondering how to do this digitally. I have all the scrapebooking stuff as well... never enough time!!

Monica said...


That's the cool thing about this- the software is free!! And they are always updating it to something new.

I'm not sure if you can print it out other than sending it through Sutterfly. You may be able to buy your pages by the sheet, I'm not sure. But I know that you can have it bound into an album. As far as printing it out at home or another way, I'm not sure. I'll try to find that out.

Holy Cow said...

Free generic digital scrapbooking @ (good for beginners, even kids).

Southern Belle said...

I have been messing around with Scrap blog. It says you can save it to dvd etc. Watching it too.

Kevin & Amy said...

Ugh. I keep saying "someday" too.