Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

I have always loved receiving yearly updates from friends and family via the "Christmas Letter". I look forward to catching up on the happenings in their lives and the growth of their children. However, our family never seemed to quite "get it together" enough to send out that year end letter.

Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is our very favorite. It is a foundational part of our country's history, it commemorates the fruit of year's work, it focuses on people (not things) and it is a time of grateful reflection toward God. So we've decided to take our thankfulness and form our family letter from there.

We have a set of four questions that we ask everyone in the family that hopefully will give the reader a snapshot of our past year as well as reasons to be thankful with us. We also take a family picture in the same spot every year to include. My newest vision is to take the letter and begin a scrapbook around its content. This would be a place to chronicle in pictures the highlights of the past year.

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tonsofsons said...

Do you send this letter or email it. I want to email and scrapbook pics digitally this year. any tips?

Great tips. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kara said...

What a neat idea!

Kristen said...

What a wonderful idea! I am working on a scrapbook/yearbook to be bound and given as gifts for Christmas.
God bless your family as you celebrate Thanksgiving this year!

Sniz said...

This is kinda what I do through scrapbooking. I just starting getting really serious and devoted this year. But if I keep current with it, (and I have), I can journal in detail to make a detailed record of our year. I include newspaper clippings, brochures and even hand-written letters and cards if they are something I want to remember. I thought of digital scrapbooking (like tonsofsons was asking about), but there are cons there. I am still looking into it and think someday I might do something with it, but real scrapbooking does the trick for me right now.