Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'd almost given up hope

For years I have been the frugal queen. Coupons. Consignment. Matching competitors prices. More coupons. Making everything from scratch even baby food and baby wipes. I'm not naturally bent to do these things. It's rather a work of necessity that I have come to appreciate through the years. There is a lot of purpose and joy when being intentional with one's resources.

I have never once considered our family to be poor. We have all that we need. But with 9 people to house, feed and clothe money has to be watched carefully. Our monthly budget for household items, diapers and food is around $500-600. Even then there is a lot of stretching that has to happen in order for this to work.

Sadly, I gave up couponing about 18 months ago not because it didn't work, but because it was just too complicated. I played the Grocery Game which was awesome. But when I dropped my coupons all over the grocery store floor for the hundredth time and I burst into tears in aisle 5 I knew that my day had come. There isn't time enough right now (or emotional energy, it seems) for the organizing and carting all these kids between three stores to get the best deals.

But, as usual, I've slipped away from the budget a bit and found myself overspending and overextending the budget. Then I entered the world of Blogging where there are resources galore and plenty of frugal women to inspire me to do better for my family.

So, I've been planning my menus, scouting out the sales and playing the CVS game. As of the 15th I've spend a total of $128.93 on groceries and $25.25 on household items and toiletries at CVS for a grand total of $154.18!! And to boot I still have $26 Extra Care Bucks to use or roll over. How much did I save? According to my receipts- $306.57!! I have been able to purchase my regular items as well as stock up on chicken breast, baking supplies, butter and shampoo.

The best part? These great websites link me to the coupons. Click and Print. And then they tell me which combinations of coupons/sales will yield the most return. I love it!!

You have to try it or at least come and visit these blogs and see what might be in your future. There is hope.

Money Saving Mom

Sense to Save

The Bargain Shopper Lady

Have Fun!!


Heather L. said...

That is so inspiring! I'm getting more and more eager to try CVS sometime. I might even have Emily almost convinced to do it! She's been reading blogs too. :)

mindi said...

That's wonderful. I'm going to visit those sites and see if I can save some $$. We really need to tighten the budget.

Kacie said...

Thanks for the mention! Lol, I just posted about taking a week off from the drugstores. I guess I should get back to business! :)

I have found that the frugal blogosphere is absolutely amazing. I have found so many wonderful ideas, and so much support here.

Cindy said...

You've inspired me. I know how Bargain Shopper Lady has blessed me. I need to check into the CVS type thing!

Saralyn said...

Good for you! Especially if you can contain yourself. I have very back self-control with bargains and just don't know when to quit. (The 8 bottles of shampoo under my husband's sink confirms this!)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh, I have also been lazy about the budget at times...this was inspiring - I will have to check out those links!