Thursday, November 8, 2007


I've been tagged by Alaina to share 8 random things about myself.

This shouldn't be difficult, seeing that my life seems rather random at times. So here goes:

1. My first job was working for a fair concession stand. I know how to make a very large, perfectly shaped, buttery, with just the right amount of sugar elephant ear.

2. When I was a little girl my dream was to be the first woman president. Move over Hillary. I had a Ziggy shirt that said, "Ziggy for president" that I believe I wore 2 times a week for a year (that's all my mom would allow).

3. I would like to write a book before I die.

4. I used to drink my Grandma's instant coffee every morning. I don't know why because it was nasty. Now I can't stand coffee (though I do like the smell).

5. I was a competitive pianist until my Junior year of high school. I started lessons when I was four. It was a great outlet for me because I was extremely shy and it forced me to get up in front of people, but I never had to say a word.

6. I was Junior Miss and competed in the state Pageant in 1990. It was a "scholarship" competition.

7. I love to have my arms scratched. This is actually how I've trained my kids to wake me up in the morning. They scratch my arms and then ask for cereal.

8. If I would have been a boy my name would have been Aaron. My mother made ornaments with the name Monica and Aaron before I was born. However, after I came into the world she continued to hang the boy name on the tree. This ended when my sister Cindy "accidentally" broke her Robert ornament one year.

I'm passing this one on to the last 8 people to visit my blog. Join in if you like.

BethanySue, Kim, Saralyn, Devan, Mary, Mindi. Lori, Ami


Bethany Sue, CFO said...

I would love to see that ziggy shirt. Thanks for tagging me, I added my random facts today.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I think I'll post them on Monday - how fun!

Loved the ornament story - how cute is that??? D would have one that said, "Manhattan" because aganist ALL wishes on ALL sides of the family...THAT was our girl name :) ha ha!

Sniz said...

I loved the first and last ones!

mindi said...

Ha, you had a boy and a girl name? That is so cute!
I added my facts today. Not quite as interesting as yours though, I always wanted to play piano.

Lori said...

That was fun to read and learn more about you.
I will try and post mine sometime this week.

Devin said...

I'm REALLY gonna do this...(I'm just slooooow). Thanks for tagging me.