Friday, December 28, 2007

Giver of all good things

Great wealth is in the house of the righteous,
But trouble is in the income of the wicked. -Proverbs 15:6

When I look around our home I am constantly reminded of God's goodness. Sean and I married while in college and Hannah was born 18 months later. In the next 10 years we welcomed six more little ones. There's never been time to get financially ahead, but we've always worked hard and together to make ends meet. To look at our paychecks or bank accounts on any given day it would be hard to convince anyone that we are rich, but I know that we are. We don't have many investments to account for, no resort trips planned or luxury cars. There are several everyday things like cable and cell phones that we live without. But what we do have is priceless in my eyes. We have a home full of love and security. And more importantly we serve a God who is the owner of all things.

Today I made a purchase at Khol's of two couch slip covers. They were marked $176.00 a piece originally and I paid $32.00 for each. It was deal beyond my expectations. Tonight I came home and pulled back the old covers (finding many hidden crayons, pens, crumbs and coins) and was brought to tears as I looked at the old couches underneath. One is a "white" couch that Sean purchased his senior year of college for $15. He hauled all the way from Florida to Indiana on an open trailer behind his car. The other I bought at an auction in 1996 after sitting on it all day in the July sun in while being 7 months pregnant. Very hot and very sunburnt was I. I always thought that these would be "temporary" because someday we would remodel and update.

We never have and likely won't for many, many years. But, you know what? I'm blessed. I know that the things we have are what God has specifically provided and that brings me peace. Joy even. This is what brings tears to my eyes. We have purchased some things for our home, but most have been passed on to us and we consider each of those a gift from God. There have been times where we have prayed for new plates and silverware and then been able to purchase them on sale. This, too, we know is God's provision. Other times there have been odd jobs for Sean or unexepcted call hours at work for me. We recognize that these are ways God is providing for our needs as well.

It is so good to be cared for personally by a loving God. He calls us to work with our hands with diligence. (Colossians 3:23-24) He instructs us to pray for our daily bread. (Mt 6:11) He teaches us to wait for His best. (Ps 33:19-21) He commands us not to worry. (Mt. 6:30-32) And He has a way of making all things new and beautiful. (Isaiah 61:3)

So I will relish my "new couches". The color is perfect. There are no stains. They are soft and fit like a glove. Sean was shocked and amazed when he came in tonight. We sat on them and adored their loveliness. We opened the mail and found to our delight a $75 check. A gift from a friend he had helped a few months ago. Quite unexpected, but it was as if God was saying, "This one's on me".


Heather L. said...

I love how God provides!!! Your couches look beautiful!!!

PS: I got Rachel's room and closet (which was a huge mess) cleaned and organized. yeah!

Cindy said...

"This one's on me..." You made me cry.

mindi said...

That's a wonderful way to look at life. People are what matter in this life, not things.
Congrats on the slipcovers - we're getting hand-me-down furniture from my mom and dad in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!

Monica said...

Wow, they look great, very cozy. I have been hoping to cover our furniture the same way. What brand are the covers and how did you know they would fit so well? What a blessing!

Jen said...

The couches look BEAUTIFUL!! I love it.

Sniz said...

I went back and read this post...I don't know how I missed it! What an encouragement and testimony to God care for us! And your couches look good!