Monday, December 10, 2007

Observations of a boy

We have been blessed the past few months to receive some almost expired organic food from a local warehouse distributor. Eating healthy is important to us, but being able to afford organic food is not in the budget. So we are thankful to take whatever they are ready to dispose of or find a home for it elsewhere.

Needless to say, our palettes have been expanded. Goats milk. Soy milk (chocolate is not so bad). Greek yogurt. Lentils. Irish cut oats. Beet chips. Pure cranberry juice. And various other new foods.

Today for lunch I decided to serve vegetarian (aka soy) barbecue on a stick. It really smelled quite tasty. My meat loving kids were licking their chops. Joseph (knowing that he is not to complain about his food) reluctantly took one bite and mumbled to himself, "It looks like poop to me." Then he ran to the trash to spit it out and went back slowly to his chair like a puppy in trouble.

Any other day he would have been in big trouble. But, as boys do, he was only making an observation and I sat trying not to laugh my head off. He was absolutely right. I wouldn't touch it myself with a ten foot poll. I had no intention of putting the food in my mouth.

Thankfully, the girls were engaged in their talking and missed the whole scene. "Joseph are going to eat that? Can I have it?" He gladly passed his plate on down with a smile.

The picture is blurry, but for good reason. You get the idea.


Sniz said...

This is so funny! Vegetarian BBQ? I've never heard of it! I hear you on the organic stuff and not being able to afford it and it's cool you got this stuff, but have you tried the beet chips? I have and my word, those things were so awful! Talk about spitting them in the trash...I almost threw them up before I made it there. Does your family like them?

mindi said...

Sounds like a funny moment - I've never heard of vegetarian BBQ either! What a great deal you get though - so you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get organic. Hope your next meal is better!

Monica said...

I'd agree with you on the beet chips. Disgusting. I warned the kids but somehow they didn't believe me and had to try anyway. What a laugh for me:)

Sean said...

I've seen a buddy eat beet chips at lunch. I think he actually likes them. The first time I tried one I was really hungry. They were okay. I tried them again the next day when I thought I was hungry - on my way to work in the morning, i.e. an odd breakfast item, I admit - and I realized they are hideous.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I am in tears hubby is cracking up as I try to get the words out reading out loud. Maybe we are just tired...but this cracked us up - pcituring the whole thing.