Thursday, December 27, 2007

Starting off great update

Well, the dreaded task is over and I am giving myself a big pat on the back. On Monday Sean took the kids out of the house for two hours so that I could do this in "peace".

First, I found every toy box, basket, bag and tote and dumped it into a heaping mound.

Here I am trying to capture the height of this mound, though the picture does not do it justice.

Organizing, Organizing, Organizing. I became quite good at hurling toys through the air into the correct container.

Ah, bliss. The room put back together and clean for 10 minutes.

I was hoping to find some big uncashed check or buried treasure, but I did not. Instead I found one bottle of very fermented juice, about half of my seven year old's wardrobe, the long lost pink shoe, a bag of trash for the curb and a few boxes for Goodwill. The whole time I kept thinking about poor Mr. Squeaky on Toy Story who was almost discarded by that mean, old mom.

The clock is ticking and I have just a few more days to complete my list.
Tomorrow I'll be spending the day on homeschool materials, organizing the linens and getting our CDs and photos in order. We'll see how far I get.


Heather L. said...

How exciting to have that done!!!

I've not made more progress here, and we are all down with the stomach bug. UGH! Maybe next week I'll get to one of my chores. :)

Lylah said...

Yeah! Great job...blessings...lylah

Sniz said...

Girl oh girl, I have been avoiding anything that smacks of "school" like the plague. The school room looks like your pile of toys before you organized. Whenever I walk past it, I close my eyes and pretend it isn't there. Oh help, what am I going to do when school starts again? You are so good to be doing this...I know I need to do it too, but I'm putting it off big time.

mindi said...

Wow. That's amazing what you did in only two hours. I took three trash bags of toys upstairs to rotate in later, and a few went to Goodwill also. I have to say, I am so TIRED of toys!!

Sniz said...

Your post inspired mine...but I'm not sure mine was written with the happy sense of accomplishment you have!