Monday, December 17, 2007

Starting off great update

This is where things stand. As of Monday morning I now can cross #7 off the list. Not very impressive I realize, but it did take me longer than I thought to delete over 1000 emails from my box. Dreadful.

I plan to tackle the craft situation and the kitchen junk drawer next. I thought I would just dump out the drawer in the trash, but Sean said that he thought I ought not do that.

I'm holding out on the homeschool books and toy organizing for after Friday when Sean will be home for break. I fear both of these chores are going to be a big mess before they are done and I'll need him to help keep the kids occupied.

What are you doing to get ready for 2008? How's it going out there?


mindi said...

I'm trying to purge toys - I've delivered two bags upstairs so far. It's going slow!
Good for you - tackling so much - I need your motivation.

Cindy said...

I hope you didn't erase that one email... you know the one I wrote you that one time? ;)

Heather L. said...

You never know what you might find in the junk drawer. I remember burning trash for my mom as a child and (being the nosy child I was) sorting through it as I threw it into the barrel and finding a $50 check, which was big money back then!
I'm making slow progress on my list. But, the house is the cleanest I can remember (where there are no oxen the crib is clean). The kids come back today! :)

Monica said...

Well, for us it is a last push to get organized and get the house clean before baby comes. (due Jan.4). This is great motivation. My husband and I and four older kids spent a couple of hours last night cleaning out and arranging several kitchen cabinets, two of which I have avoided for some time because they were our "junk drawer", Yes, that's right it was too much for a drawer so we had filled two cabinets,ugh. It made me grouchy at first, but what a relief when we were done.