Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Good for a laugh

I usually post about how such witty and cute things come out of the kid's mouths. I on the other hand am always unknowingly putting my foot in mine. I love nothing more than laughing at myself, however, and will find myself sometimes laughing in my sleep at the crazy things I've said. Then I wake myself up and think that's funny, too. Weird, I know.

I thought I'd share them with you with the disclaimer that I seriously don't plan to say these things in advance, they just come out of my mouth:

Sean and I were discussing what to have for lunch with some family we are having over:

Sean: I think we should have poor man's steak. Everyone always likes it.

Me: Uh...I don't know....if ground beef's not on sale I think that it will be too expensive.

Sean and I talking about how everyone is getting dizzy and feverish this evening:

Sean: It's like an epidemic. No, it's like a pandemic.

Monica: Well let's hope it's not the bird flu. (Those of you who know us personally will find that funny. It's an inside joke. Sorry.)

I was trying to make a friendly compliment on a blog about how the floor cleaner she recommended was so wonderful. I wrote:

"I put your suggestion to the teat and was amazed by the result."

A week later I went back to her blog and saw it posted there for all the world to read! Sean was reading along with me and we were in hysterics! I quickly threw that one in the trash and changed that word to "test".

And now for funny pictures of our six year old Elizabeth. We are making a scrapbook and quickly realized that when it comes to her there is a theme: Odd Drama.

Miss Elizabeth

Somehow her hair has formed pig ears.

She stops to share her corn with the hungry pig at the fair.

Elizabeth, Super Hero. The Red Flame.

Walking a tightrope with a bucket on her head.

Under the Sea... Under the Sea....

At the US Space and Rocket Center, Betsy poses with a replica of, Albert, the first monkey astronaut in his tiny capsule.

Reaching out to pet the hatching dinosaur.

Stopping to pet another friendly pig.

A kiddy ride at Holiday World. High drama.

Hi sweet Betsy!


Sniz said...

Cool. Way to go...scrapbooking even on Christmas!

The bird flu! Hilarious! I, too, say many, many things that are embarrassing. My family has a book called "Andreanisms".

I recognized the Children's museum in a couple of those cute pictures, but my favorite was her going down the slide with her hair looking like a red flame on her head! So cute! And Holiday World rocks!

Hope you're having a great day!

mindi said...

Ha! Love the floor cleaner comment.
We're headed to the children's museum today, I think . . .
Love the pics!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love her hair! What curls!!!!

Great shots and GO YOU for scrapping!