Thursday, December 20, 2007

Starting off great update

So I got a little distracted from my list with the laundry that has been on my couch for way too long, unmatched socks and scrubbing my bathroom clean. I have knocked down #2 and #3 this week. I fear it to be so, but the toys must be next. We have little kid guests coming in and out this next week and if I don't tackle the toys now I fear for what will happen.

For me this will involve emptying all of the toys boxes and baskets into the middle of the room. Relabeling the containers and sorting. This is not my idea of fun by any stretch of the imagination. Then I will put them on a high, high shelf (though I know a 3 and 4 year old who can construct a ladder) and hope that they don't get drug back out before the new toys make their grand appearance. Ugh.

I'll have to take a picture to give you an idea of my definition of overwhelming.

I've heard from several of you of the great progress you are making on the home front. Heather is organizing 8 closets, Mindi is on the toy purge, Monica (my blogging long lost twin) has conquered her kitchen junk drawer and reclaimed some cabinet space.

Keep up the great work and I'll be thinking of you as I sort Polly Pocket shoes and Lego pieces tomorrow.


Sniz said...

Wow, Monica, I remember those days! My kids are older now, but they still have a lot of toys. Only now they are all expected to put them away all the time. I know. Bummer.

Alaina said...

That's awesome that you are making so much progress on your list!!! And I don't envy you sorting all the toys! Ugh. I only have 2 and they still have too many toys with too many pieces. :)

Finishing our bedroom was put on the back burner due to more pressing needs but it's back in the front and with my previous deadline long past :), I'm hoping to have it completed by the New Year. We'll see. :)

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

She is your long lost twin! That's so cool. Love ya sister.

frugal mom said...


Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to reading your blog.

Motherly Musings

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh...the Polly Pockets and their shoes...yeah, have fun with that :)

I won't admit how many have just found their way into the trashcan in my house...