Monday, December 10, 2007

Starting off great in 2008

I've gotten my cleaning routine down fairly well. We make it through each room in the house at least once a week and then vacuum about every day. But I'm finding these little piles everywhere. When we pick up certain items are "put away" in stacks and then never touched again it seems. Before the new year hits it is my goal to get these stacks taken care of once and for all. Some of it needs sorted, or returned, or given away, or filed, or trashed or ebayed. Each room seems to have such a pile of sorts.

It's my goal to start 2008 with a clean slate. As I think about what I would like to accomplish in this next year I know I would be a lot more motivated if these stacks of "I'll get to it later" items were extinct. Plus I could find room for gifts that are coming, contribute to our tax refund, be done with that impending feeling of doom when I open the junk drawer, be more organized for next homeschool semester, recycle, return, reuse and give away what we we don't need.

So here we go. I'm going to work my way through this list for 25 minutes every weekday until the end of the year (give or take). It may take me more than one day to complete a project because I'm going to do my best not to make a bigger mess than when I started. Hence, I will only be getting out what I can organize and put away in those 25 minutes. According to my calculations, I have a little over seven hours to get this done. I think that's reasonable.

1. File papers/old bills
2. Clean out kitchen junk drawer
3. Straighten craft supplies- make a list of what is needed
4. Inventory Homeschool materials- order what is needed
5. Sort/organize linens
6. Sort/organize kid's toys and games
7. Clean out my email
8. File photos/CDs from this year
9. Organize medicines and stuff like that

I realize that this list is fairly short but I truly dread each one of these tasks. However, since I am sending this out into the blogging world I'm making myself accountable to get it done. (I can't believe I'm doing this). I'm trusting that in the end I'll be glad that I did. Right?

If you'd like to join me I'd love to have some friends along for the ride. You make your own list of "I'll get to it later" chores and see if you can't meet 2008 with a few less projects hanging over your head.

If you decide you are up for the task post a blog about your goals and then post your link in my comments below. As I keep you all updated on my list I'll pass along your progress as well.


Heather L. said...

Great goals!!!! I had some of the same goals for our two weeks of vacation -- about 8 closets that needed sorting. So far the linen closet is done! (with labels so we know what is what!) and the coat closet is all sorted. The other 6 or so closets have not been sorted, but we'll see.

In Scotland, it used to be that New Year's Eve was the BIG holiday. the tradition was to TOTALLY clean your house in the week before (down to washing curtains, rinsing china, etc.) so your house was PERFECT by the time the new year hit! I actually kind of like that tradition -- I can't go all out, but it is really nice to start the year off organized!

Sniz said...

You are getting me so motivated. My nagging things have to do with tasks I need to do for others that I've been putting off, though. Like painting a decorative rope element in my baby nephew's room, or judging a writing contest, or finishing the gift for my inlaws or finishing the group of calligraphy certificates for a company that doesn't give me a deadline...these are the things that are hanging over my head. I dislike clutter and piles (and we have them too), but what bothers me more is stuff like our dinged and chipped trim that needs to be painted throughout the house, the numerous nail pops and picture-hanging holes that should be fixed, the damaged drywall areas...

Saralyn said...

I'd love to join you..but I'm afraid of my list! You haven't seen my library--nor do you want to.