Thursday, December 13, 2007

Showers of Blessings

The wedding showers for my sister, Vanessa, were last Saturday. It was in a word "delightful". I love to be an audience to another person's special day. It's even better when it is someone who I love so much. There is nothing like friends and family surrounding the bride-to-be with the things that she truly needs- attention and encouragement. I was at the point of tears several times witnessing my beautiful sister being showered with these blessings.
At the afternoon shower we became better acquainted with the Nelson family. They are so down-to-earth and fun. And I think that I'm going to adopt Grandma Opal to be my own. She is sweet!
It was also a highlight for me to eat lunch beside my best friend's mom, Mrs. Starkey whom I haven't seen in a long time. Growing up she was my "other" mom (as we love to call her).

For one game we played bridal bingo. Basically each lady filled out a blank bingo sheet with the items they guessed that she would open. It was nice for the guests to have something to do while Vanessa opened gifts. We also played "here comes the bride" which was well received and good for a few laughs. In this game famous people's heads are pasted on top of bride model's heads to look as though they are getting married. Each picture is passed around and the person who can name the most brides correctly wins. Each guest also signed the edge of a white tablecloth to be embroidered as a keepsake for Vanessa.

For lunch we served a traditional and white chili, bread, spinach artichoke dip,vegetable tray, strawberry pretzel salad and mint brownies.

Between the showers Dad came by to give to Vanessa her wedding jewelry. As a tradition, my dad bought each of us the jewelry that we wore on our wedding day. It is such a special gift knowing that he picked it out himself. We all cherish it dearly.

In the evening we had the full round of fondue. Cheese with apples, broccoli, celery and cauliflower. Chicken, Steak, tortellini cooked in oil along with batter dipped broccoli and mushrooms stuffed with garlic herb cream cheese. Then there was the dark chocolate fondue which was delicious with cherries, mini cream puffs and bananas.

It was a leisurely meal in which Vanessa shared the story of her and Chris and how God has brought them together. It was relaxing and a joy just to share one another's company over a long meal. And from intimate friends come intimate gifts, of course:) That was it's own kind of fun altogether!
Not so you think that I pulled this off on my own, my sisters Barbara and Cindy did much of the baking and cooking and shopping and inviting and putting away my laundry and vacuuming my floors to make this happen.

Now we just can't wait for the wedding!!


Sniz said...

Your sister looks so much like you! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. The food looked so yummy and the atmosphere looked so nice.

Cindy said...

It sounds perfect, Monica!!
What a wonderful gift you gave V.

I blew up the photo hoping to catch a glimpse of Mrs Starkey, but no such luck. :( I'd love to see her and your parents again.

Your dad hasn't aged a bit!! I love that sweet tradition he has.

And I love YOU!

Monica said...

I was sad that my my Mrs. Starkey picture was too dark. I'll have to have Sean doctor it up for me.