Thursday, December 6, 2007

This is how much he loves me....

I don't need jewelry, flowers or expensive gifts. I don't desire exotic vacations or fancy clothes. Nope. I just need a little love. And my man knows what love means to me.

Do you know what Sean did last night? Knowing that I will be hosting two showers on Saturday and that my biggest cleaning challenge is my kitchen floor, he spent from 9:30- 12am scrubbing and stripping our white vinyl.

Our house was truly a gift from God in so many ways (I'll have to tell you the story someday). One of the best parts about it is the huge eat-in kitchen which actually serves us well in the winter as a rollerblading rink. But like most things, had I done it myself, I would have chosen a few things differently knowing the wear and tear involved with the traffic of our home. One of those is the white kitchen floor with those tiny groves which collect dirt over time and which is easily scuffed by church shoes. It is mopped fairly regularly (I use that term loosely), but over time has lost the look of being clean.

So last night after a full day of teaching and taking care of the kids while I went to work myself, Sean subjected himself to the chemicals and stripped that floor. I read about it here and must testify that is as bright and shiny as the morning sun. What a sight to behold!!

He loves me. He really, really loves me:)

This is the scuffed, dingy, unloved kitchen floor.

This is the kitchen floor that makes my heart palpitate.


Heather L. said...

I agree, that was a very loving thing to do! i can just imagine how happy you were!

mindi said...

That is fantastic. He must really love you!
Have fun with your showers this weekend!

Cindy said...

Go, Sean! :)

I'm so happy you have a man who loves you like you deserve.

Sniz said...

That is one of the most romantic things I have ever heard! Roger gets the Family Man newsletter by Todd Wilson, and I remember the day he sent me a copy of one he'd just received as if it was the first time he heard such a thing...Todd Wilson's wife felt the most loved when her husband got the van washed, inside and out, then she did the last time he got her jewelry. Roger said, "I finally get it! And I guess you're not the only woman that feels this way." Um, yeah. That's what I've been saying. (In all fairness to Rog, he does things like that for me sometimes too, although I don't think he's ever stripped the floor for me.)

Alaina said...

How sweet! It's funny because I came home last night to Andrew on his hands and knees also cleaning our kichen floor! He knew it was really important to me before company and decided to undertake the project. What great husbands we have!

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, I'm so excited that it worked for you!!! I found the stuff when I was selling my house,and I just love it. It's the most amazing difference, isn't it? And what a great husband you have!

Thanks for stopping by to tell me how it worked out.


eally said...

Awwww, that was so sweet of him! He did an incredible job on the floor! My husband is wonderful like that too....I am so blessed to have a helper when it comes to housework and I praise God for my darling husband and his cleaning abilities!! :-)