Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to Reality

I've had such a fun time playing and reading and taking pictures and blogging and planning...ah, December, how quickly you go... It's pretty amazing how much time is freed up when homeschool is out of session.

But, alas, reality is here and we were back to school on Monday and Sean is back to teaching. Hence, my blogging will no doubt be more sparse, but I plan to keep reading and being inspired and challenged by your lives.

The past few weeks have been one party after another (literally).....

We enjoyed some family time at the Children's museum.

Sean's aunt, uncle, cousins and their spouses from all over the country came over for a Fondue night.

This is Nathan Shaver, an up and coming Christian recording artist from Nashville , TN. He's married to Sean's cousin Rachelle. Watch for him! He's the real thing.

Sean's family met at our house for a New Year's lunch.

Great grandpa Ahart still proves to be the life of the party at 83.

We celebrated with my family. We wrote our "Where I'm from" poems over Fondue and read them aloud. There was a lot of laughter and a few tears, too.

We had the first annual family talent show.

My mom proved herself an artist making my dad into the Mona Lisa.

The Boy Band Rocks

The girls perform a choreographed number

Sean took our seven kids and two neighbor friends bowling while I was at work (that man deserves a medal).

The older girls went shopping with their gift money and now they are sporting some new shirts and Heely's.

We worked on the hardest puzzle in history. A large Peanuts cartoon made of 1000 small ones! (It's still not completed)

We went to visit the newly opened Central Library. We love the library, so the kid's eyes about popped out of their heads when they saw the enormous building to house all of those Nancy Drew books. Little did we know that there was the coolest kid's section known to man waiting inside with a theater, and pod chairs, a baby play area, Reader Rabbit computers and so much more! We are going back, for sure.

Sean and I enjoyed staying up late and watching movies, going on a date, and just having extra time to spend the days together.

...but I have to admit that I am longing for a bit of routine myself. Time to get quiet again and to learn and to work.


Cindy said...

You got a ping pong table?!? FUN!

Barry and I did the I Am From poems for my mom for Christmas, thanks to you. It was fun and sweet. I loved reading his (it was way better than mine); we had several similar things.

Barb looks gorgeous as always in that photo! Haven't seen her in forever!

Sniz said...

Wow, that's a long table and a lot of people in your house. I haven't been to the city library since before I was married. Do you all have a card there?

These pictures and memories are so neat.

So how way your first school week?

Monica said...


We have a card through my husband's school. We used to live in Wayne Township and I kept mine from there until last summer when I was discovered:(
I just love their library so much more than our own- huge selection and they are nice.
You can purchase a card or get one for free at the Children's museum if you don't live in Marion County.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Where did you get such a long table? (oh...I see Sniz noticed too) WOW!

Bowling wiht 7 kids - yep - your hubby rocks!

Monica said...

Our table can seat 10. We just put two card tables at the end with a table cloth to extend it. That way we can seat up to 16 if we squeeze on the corners:)