Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey good lookin'

Well, today baby John took another step into the world of big boys. His curly blond hair has lost some of its luster in this dry winter weather and he was way overdue for a cut. We've been trying to snip it back here and there, but the boy just freaks out every time we try. After reading the story of Samson to the kids last week we even considered trying to cut it when he was asleep. But because he's our last baby, I took him to Cookie Cutter's for the baby spa treatment.

He's diggin' the car. It's not so bad.

Maybe I spoke too soon. Fear and trepidation sets in.

He's not havin' it!

"Mom, save me from the torture!"

My little man is lookin' good!

"Say cheese."


Sarah said...

Poor baby! He looks so good afterwards! Zeke gets better with each haircut. Lately I just buzz his hair every month or so. It grows so fast!

Heather L. said...

Awwww.... poor baby john! He's so cute! I loved his curls too. But, he really looks like a little grown up boy with that new haircut!

mindi said...

Oh he looks so darling!! What a sweetie!

Kevin & Amy said...

He looks great! He must seem so BIG now. What a handsome little guy. :)