Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Tornado

Tuesday seemed like the normal weird weather Indiana January day. (Many will attest that Indiana weather is never predictable.) It had been in the 50s and rainy. By evening a cold breeze began to stir. There was that familiar smell in the air. The sirens began to sound.

We had a tornado go through our neighborhood last spring which the kids remember quite well. We lost our shutters and power. But our neighbors six doors down and beyond lost their roofs and walls. It was a powerful lesson for all of us about God's power and grace.

With the sirens came the shaking and tears. Our wonderful back door neighbor allowed us to find shelter in her basement where there was nothing but silence. She was home without her four children because she had her wisdom teeth pulled earlier that day. Poor Sandy was feeling awful with an ice pack to her face. But as usual she greeted us with a smile. We played games, tried to be quiet and left about and hour later clueless to all the excitement we had missed.

About 3 blocks away the houses sustained major damages with 100 mile per hour winds tearing off roofs and walls. About 100 Canada geese became projectiles into windows and siding. Can't say I'm sorry we missed that one. If you're curious (I admit I was) you can check out video coverage here.

Tonight we are expecting a winter storm with up to eight inches of snow. It's crazy.


mindi said...

Oh, those poor geese! Sorry, I'm a bit of an animal fanatic :)
I'm sorry you had so much excitement. We're further south, and lost some small trees, but nothing major. Though I was at home all day because the daycare closed due to power outage. Some of the town was without power for almost 24 hours.
Tonight? I'm hoping for state of emergency and a free day from work!!
Stay warm!

Catherine said...

Wow, that's weird about the geese! Indiana has some of the strangest weather issues! I'm glad you were all safe.

Heather L. said...

Wow, I had no idea. We were at Rosebuds, and there was some damage close by -- it must have been spread out in pockets everywhere! Praise the Lord your house is okay and you weren't hurt.

Sarah said...

Wow, geese as projectiles...and I thought the weather here in New England was crazy. Glad that you are all safe.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow. Oh how scary. So glad you all are safe.

Yes, the geese thing is strange....