Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting off great final update!!

I'm happy to report that my list of undone projects and chores is nearly complete!!

The final organizing of photos and CDs was completed by Sean and he has done a far better job than I even imaged. Now everyone knows where each CD needs to go, it will be easy to pick up and take in the car and best of all there are no longer CD cases falling off the top of my fridge. See this:

All that is left at this point is the homeschool materials. I'll spend the next few days going through all that I have and getting our semester in order. I'm looking forward to this now that I don't have all of the other things calling my name:) I have the assignment sheets printed out and my pencil ready. Here we go!!

All of you out there have accomplished amazing feats. Each time I've heard what you are doing I've been motivated as well. Thanks for the encouragement. It's been fun (sort of).

"Update on my cleaning goals: the school closet is totally cleaned out and organized (it was a dump of odd papers and game pieces piled on the floor). Also, I got my summer clothes put away and the winter ones organized! AMAZING!!!" says Heather.

Mindi reports, "I took three trash bags of toys upstairs to rotate in later, and a few went to Goodwill also. I have to say, I am so TIRED of toys!!"

Sniz tackled her basement (I use that term literally) and wrote about it here.

Saralyn has been inspired to set some practical goals herself and is moving on into 2008 quite nicely it seems.

I'm staying tuned to see Alaina's new bedroom all put together. She's been working hard to get it done by the end of the year and I'm sure that it's will be worth the wait!

Monica is nesting in anticipation of her seventh little one (due this week!) and she has gone crazy over there! Check this out!


Monica said...

It was great to hear how far you have made it on your list. I also enjoyed reading your goals for the new year. I would love for you to share with us more on your homeschooling plans for the new year as well.
Check out my latest post and what we have accomplished. I am very "green" at this blogging thing. I am sorry I don't know how to properly link to your name rather than a full address.
Happy New Year!

Alaina said...

You must be thrilled to just about have your list tackled!!! What a great wait to start the year!

My bedroom is done and if I can get the slide show to cooperate, I'll post it tonight or tomorrow. The bathroom and closet are nearly done but the flu has slowed down the progress. :)

mindi said...

You have done a wonderful job. The other day (well, last year!) I was telling some of the guys at work about you. Just by my description of what I read on your blog, they were impressed by what you can do. Homeschooling your children and keeping everything else in order is an amazing feat!

Sniz said...

Hey girl,
I have organized our school/crafts closet tons of times. The organization lasts two weeks at the most. The kids put things away, but they may put a coloring book in the wrong place, the beads back in another, and the paints in the wrong spot. And we are too cheap, so we use old shoe boxes, etc, that you can't see through that are re-labeled every time I do it. And I'm the only one who has ever organized it and it is so frustrating because before I know what has happened, it is as disorganized as before. The only time organization actually works is if I am the only one that uses that space and the things in it. What do you do about that? Just curious.