Saturday, January 26, 2008

January's Frugal $400 final

Well the numbers are in. I've challenged myself to a $400 grocery/household budget for 2008. Today I finished my shopping at Kroger and added up my receipts. I won't say this month was easy and I won't say that it was always fun. I'd become a WalMart shopper for the past few years thinking that I was saving a bundle. Well, now I might never go back there again.

Because, for January I spent a total of (drum roll please.........)

Breaking it down-

CVS $ 71.93

Aldi $101.97

Target $56.10

Kroger $104.03

Menards $14.01

Once Upon a Child $13.78

Gifts $26.67

with a total savings of $408.91!!!

Today's Kroger run was particularly rewarding in that I got all of this for $38.01. The milk was free because I bought the Kix which were on sale and had a coupon. There was also some nice steak and salsa on manager's special and $6 off my purchase of 9 Kraft items. The five bags of salad were free as well with coupons. The bulk of the price was for the birthday ice cream, spices and cheese. Not a bad way to end the month.

I want to do even better next month. I not really talking about spending less. I'm talking about getting more and better quality for our money- being a better steward. So, I've been pondering what I need to do differently and here are my goals for February:

1. Break the $400 budget in half paying the money envelope at the beginning and mid month. I think that this will keep me from buying things only because they are on sale and allow me a little piece of mind come the end of the month.

2. Make a menu for the whole month of February and then shop for weekly sales according to this list. I think being a little proactive might mean that we actually have some meat in our menu instead of just beans.

3. Continue adding to my recipe blog and finding enjoyment in caring for my family with what God provides. It encourages me when I'm encouraging others. So if you're encouraged please leave me a comment. It's so encouraging:)

I think I'll stop there and focus on these things next. With the $12.00 remaining I think I'm going to take it to the local beauty school and get a pedicure before my surgery.

**You can see my February menu and plan further developed here**


Sean said...

Well done wife! You are great!
In the words of King Lemuel "Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value...she provides food for her family...she sees that her trading is profitable...she extends her hands to the needy...she is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom"

Michelle said...

Your stewardship is wonderful, Monica! God's continued blessings to you and your family.

mom24 said...

Awesome job! You inspire me to do better in this area as well!

Cindy said...

Good job, friend.
You're doing the vein surgery??? When is it? Can I have the kids at all or anything to help out?

Jennie Thompson said...

Wow! Great job! I'm impressed! Sounds like so much fun and so rewarding. Someday I will be there again.

Heather L. said...

That is so exciting!!! I'm so glad you made it in budget (with spare!!!) I'm planning to try one of your recipes this week for dinner. I'll have to let you know how it goes!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Girl - you rock! Seriously you have really persisted at this and I am sure your family is reaping the blessings. Great job.

Wish I could join in. WE don't have Kroger or Super Target (though I might see what Target Greatland produce from what I can see). I don't buy enough at CVS...sigh. BUT, I love living vicariously :)

Sarah said...

I need to fine tune this CVS thing. I did it a couple of weeks ago and thought I did well, but nothing like you manage to!